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An Eating Pattern is the totality of all foods and beverages consumed.

A Healthy Eating Pattern has a variety of nutrient rich foods (a food
with a high proportion of the good stuff) that allows an individual to meet
all nutritional needs throughout periods of growth, development, aging as
well as pregnancy, that is both adaptable and enjoyable.




Metabolic testing is the gold standard means to measure how much energy
you utilize at rest, as well as the energy substrate (Fat or Carbohydrate) used.
By using this information you will have a personal measure of how many
calories of energy you should consume daily to allow you to loose,
maintain or gain weight, or use it as a means to understand if you are
predominantly a fat or carbohydrate burner in simple terms.

Sports Injury


The body composition varies; during a long period of injury, there is a
reduction of the general muscle mass and an increase of fat deposits,
specifically in the area of the injury. The main goal for athletes from a
nutritional point of view, is to prevent injuries as much as possible through
their diet.




Nutrition Programming and Monitoring

We work with sports teams to educate and implement nutritional
strategies to first improve eating habits and health for all athletes.
This sets a foundation to allow your players enhance adaptations
to training to improve performance.



Inspire, Discover, Improve Health by Science

Tips, education and Q & A. Let CodeNutrition inspire your journey towards
a sustainable enjoyable relationship with food using scientific robust knowledge.





Unique Nutrition Learning Experience

Tailored to the group’s area of Interest. The CodeNutrition workshop canbe used
as a once off learning experience to help your team, business or community
align with the best nutritional strategies to help achievespecific goals.
We delve into using dietary history reflection, social environment status
and influences from home, work, your friends and digital platforms.

Body Composition


Personalised Body Composition Profile

Using a variety of measurements taken from skinfold sites around the body,
stature, weight, waist, hips, muscle girths and bone breadths, an estimation
of % body fat can be drawn.This can be used as a means to measure or
monitor individual or team body composition profiles over time