Energy Profile

Metabolic testing is the gold standard means to measure how much energy you utilize at rest, as well as the energy substrate (Fat or Carbohydrate) used. By using this information you will have a personal measure of how many calories of energy you should consume daily to allow you to loose, maintain or gain weight, or use it as a means to understand if you are predominantly a fat or carbohydrate burner in simple terms.

This testing is also used by elite athletes to ensure the appropriate amount of energy tailored to their metabolic profile is consumed to maximize recovery, enhance adaptation from exercise and to fuel athletic performance .


How Does

It Work

A full analysis of your unique metabolic profile is completed using indirect calorimetry technology (5-8mins breathing normally into a disposable mouthpiece). Results include and indicate metabolic rate, substrate utilization and mitochondrial (energy house of the body) efficiency among a range of other metabolic parameters, that can be used to measure individual fuel utilization to generate energy, as well as shed light on the effect of dietary interventions for fat loss,weight gain, as well as strength and endurance nutrition protocols. A client report will be explained with you in detail to let you know how your body is performing.

What Will

I Receive

A client report will be explained to you in detail, outlining your personal metabolic parameters on how your body is performing. This report will outline areas in which you can work on to improve your metabolic profile to help you improve your health and achieve your goals.


Can This Help

My Athletic Performance

Understanding how your body is performing at a cellular level will allow you to make appropriate and accurate dietary interventions to meet your goals. Previous methods to measure how much fuel you utilize daily rely on equations where human error is common. Using Metabolic Profiling eliminates confusing, delivering personalised results to help you understand how your body is performing, and inform what food will enhance a dietary pattern for your sport.